Enterprise Distributed Ledger Networks

Build your business on blockchain with the Elatior Network Service. Fully managed distributed database networks. Mobile and Web Applications built in.


The Elatior Network Service

We have enterprise networks running applications designed and developed by industry experts. Join in or set up your own network in minutes. Or we'll customize one for you in weeks.


Scalable, secure, and stable blockchain networks deployed within minutes.

Decentralized Applications

License or own enterprise dapps designed by industry experts.

Fully Managed - Everything

Leave the network maintenance, upgrades, and security to us. We’ll take care of the dApps too.

Priced to Empower

Reduce your IT spending and focus on your core business.

Extend Your Business

Add partners to your network in a few clicks.

Digital Transformation

Revolutionary transaction, ownership, and document management.

Beauty of simplicity

Extend your business

Distributed applications are designed for all kinds of participants in your network. Your customers and business parterns can use your suite of applications designed for their busniess.

Have paid and unpaid tiered application availability. Monetize your network by offering extra functionality to your paying partners.

Share documents, invoices, files, transaction records, inventory, reports and so much more seamlessly with your partners. All recorded on your tamperproof distibuted ledger.

Technologies We Use:

Build Faster, Deploy Quickly

Get started with our easy to deploy network and readymade application boilerplates today. Get in touch with us by sending us an email or use the contact us form.


Less start time


Cheaper deployment


Higher TPS

Tracking & Traceability

Whether it’s goods in a fragmented industry like Supply Chain or Healthcare, track the ownership of sensitive assets and data in real time. Remove the need for reconciliation or expensive intermediaries.


In the supply chain industry or healthcare, activities by different parties involved can generate a ton of paperwork. Fully digitize your documentation flow and remove the need for cross referencing across companies or even departments within your organization.

Reporting and Analytics

Generate highly customized reports from well organized and immutable data sources that allow you to streamline your enterprise. Diagnose bottlenecks and remove inefficiencies from your process flow. Generate KPIs for your staff and manage them more effectively.

Have Questions?

Find answers to some common questions we get here.

Sign up for a plan on our ‘Pricing Page’. Or get in touch with us through the ‘Contact Us’ section. You can also send us an email at info@elatio.io. We’ll help you evaluate your requirements and get you started.

Yes, just navigate to the business network you wish to join and sign up or log in.

The fastest way is to get in touch with us. Have the pricing page handy to select the features you need. If you need further customizations we’ll set you up with our expert architects who will guide you through the application design process. We may need to modify the network according to your requirements. We’ll still get you up and running in weeks.

Use our boilerplate apps and get your network up in days.

We have fully functional applications in the following industries: supply chain, healthcare, and fintech. We work with industry experts to build applications and create a network for each of the above ecosystems.

Arrange for a demo today by getting in touch with us.

You need to get in touch with your network admin or your organization admin. We can help you locate the correct resource if you are part of the network. Please send us an email at support@elatior.io and someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Still have a question? Ask your question here

Create business networks with Elatior

Get started with a network, distributed applications for your organization and for your partners, and tap into existing networks to enhance your business.